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Hybrid Picking Sequences - Example 1

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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I this first example, we use the 4-note arpeggio derived from the preliminary exercises. As discussed there, we can then take this up any scale. In this particular example I have used the A Dorian mode, but do try this over any scale or mode. Also, at the end of this tutorial, I have provided you with the Am13 chord I played these examples over, so you can pick away all night long!

Ascending you just follow the notated picking pattern, but descending you have a choice of either playing everything using the pick, or using hybrid picking. Most "modern" players seem to favor using hybrid picking only for ascending runs, as this is much more comfortable ergonomically speaking. There are some players however, such as aforementioned Garsed that uses hybrid picking both ascending and descending with jaw dropping results. However, I recommend you try both notated approaches and see what feels more natural to you, and choose that approach. For me personally, I tend to use the pick and both middle and ring finger when ascending, and the pick and middle finger only when descending. It doesn't change the tone of what I play that much, but it just feels "right" for me. We are shaped differently, and we can't sweep like Gambale or Hybrid pick like Garsed, so most of us will fall somewhere in the middle, which is just fine!

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