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Chromatic Fusion Licks - Example 2

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Chromatic Fusion Licks - Example 1

This lick is quite a bit different from the first, and quite open to interpretation. First of all, I should mention that if you play this in straight 16th (as shown in the tablature) it will not come out right. I was unable to transcribe what I'm honestly playing for rhythmic values, because it doesn't really fit into what's considered proper timing. I guess we can call it 'textural,' as I believe Greg Howe explains in once of his videos about phrasing. Basically, this is a lick to provide an aggressive and punchy feeling.. I certainly wouldn't call it a melody.. but rather, an explosion of notes!

I start by sweeping up a major triad, and then move into the chromatics. Tip: sliding from note to note can sometimes sound interesting when connecting 'groups' of chromatic notes. Don't be afraid to go nuts with your picking hand, and really dig in!

Main influence: Guthrie Govan

Works over: B7