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Getting Started With Lead Fills - Fill 2

Chris Feener 256 lessons


Fill 2 involves what we like to call the "major pentatonic scale". It's the rock/blues guitarists go-to scale as it omits a couple of the notes that wil get you in trouble if not applied correctly. This fill is very "boxy", in the sense that we'll be only playing a maximum of two notes-per-string. I'll play through the G major pentatonic first, and then demonstrate what the scale looks like when transposed to C major (for part 2). The scale very simply shifts up the fretboard five frets. The open string notes are now fretted by the index finger on the fifth fret. The root of the fill is defined by the first note of the scale, much like FIll 1. Try this fill over a D major progression (where the scale begins on 10th fret of the low E string - remember that the lick doesn't begin on that note, but the defining scale does!!!)

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