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Harmonic Minor Modes - Harmonic Minor

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

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The Harmonic Minor mode is usually used for soloing over minor chords. The character pitches of this mode are the minor 3rd, minor 6th and major 7th.



Triadic chords from the harmonic minor scale:

1-b3-5= Minor triad

1-b3-5-7= Minor #7 (aka Minor nat.7)

1-b3-5-7-9= Minor #7/9

1-b3-5-7-9-11= Minor #7/11

1-b3-5-7-9-11-b13= Minor #7/b13 (very rare)

As with the Major Scale modes, any of the chords generated from this mode can be used with it. It also sounds good to play this scale over a minor 7 chord even though the 7th in the chord is flat. This holds true for the min9, min11 and min#5 (#5 is enharmonic of b6).

1-5= Power Chord

1-2-5= Sus2

1-b3-9= Minor add9

1-b3-#5= Minor #5

1-b3-7-9= Minor add9(#7)

1-b3-#5-9= Minor add9(#5)

As in the major scale modes, two different types of fingering patterns are offered: condensed and extended. Remember the black dots represent the root notes.

When soloing with this scale, be sure to stress the minor 3rd and natural 7th. These are the two character pitches that define the sound of this scale.

Vamp #1: (Am/E) (Use A Harmonic Minor.)(All Black dots on A)

Vamp #2: (Em/Em#7/(Cm/E))(Use E Harmonic Minor)

Vamp #3: (Cm/F9b5)(Use C Harmonic Minor)

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