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Harmonic Minor Modes - Ionian #5

Robert Mussatti 91 lessons

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The Ionian #5 is different than many of the other modes because even though it has a major 3rd and major 7th, which makes it out to have a major tonality, it has that #5 in it, which is a dissonant tone, so that alone makes this a mode that isn't used too often.



The chords from this mode are different than the normal major chords that you are used to, although jazz players such as Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea have been known to use these chords in their music.

1-3-#5= Augmented Triad

1-3-#5-7= Major 7#5

1-3-#5-7-9= Major 9#5

1-3-#5-7-9-11= Major 11#5(very rare)

1-3-#5-7-9-11-13= Major 13#5(very rare)

Try this mode over this vamp. The chord is meant to bring out the sound of the #5, which is the tension tone and the character pitch of this mode.

Vamp #1:(Amaj7#5) (Use A Ionian #5.)

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