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Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Lick

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Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Intro Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Expanding on the Idea

On to the lick!

I'm hoping you've taken the time to master the actual arpeggio as it stands! If you have, you'll be ready to tackle this lick. Pay close attention to the tab. There are specific spots where the hybrid picking takes place.

As you can see we're ascending and descending in four note groupings using 3 strings for each 4 note group. 

This will result in a few different picking combinations. (including hybrid) Pay close attention to the tab so that you get the picking right. My advice for the hybrid picking is to have your picking fingers planted before the actual hybrid picking takes place.

Basically, you don't want your fingers headed for the string as you're about to pick, they should be planted as soon as possible so as to prepare.

As usual take it very slow!