"Road Signs" - Breakdown Part 1

Tutorial: "Road Signs"
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"Road Signs" - Intro "Road Signs" - Breakdown Part 2

We'll start off the breakdown by discussing the first two bars of this melody. It starts off with the stacked 5th idea that originally took from Scott Henderson.

This first part is outlining an Amin11 chord. You can see this in the first 6 notes. The notes are played in this order: 1 - 5 - 9 - b3 - b7 - 11   OR   A - E - B - C - G - D 

As you can see, this is some what of a "spread" arpeggio. Meaning that the arpeggio notes are all there but not in the correct order (i.e.  1 - b3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 11).

After that, it moves into another position of an Am7 arpeggio before it heads into the next chord change.