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Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Intro

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Greg Howe Arpeggio Idea: Lick

Hello again! In this tutorial, we'll be going over a Greg Howe style arpeggio idea that I like to use.

For this example, we will be using Diminished 7 arpeggios, that way we can expand further by moving each position over in minor 3rds. (3 frets)

There will be no specific key this time, we'll just be using a random spot of the neck which is the 9th fret (starting) of the A string (F#).

We will also be using some hybrid picking (ascending) and a little bit of sweeping (descending).

I'll get you started by showing you the exact arpeggio shape that we'll be using. First off, learn this shape and get it up to speed. Just ascending and descending without breaks. Don't worry about the actual pattern that we'll be discussing quite yet, just focus on the arpeggio as is stands.

It's imperative that you master this shape before you move on to the more advanced Greg Howe Idea that will be in the other videos.

Once you feel comfortable feel free to move onto the next video. :)