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Soloing in the Style of Mike Stern: Breakdown Part 3

Mike Salow 210 lessons

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Part 3 of the breakdown goes over the last 2 big/important riffs.


#1. Here is another lick that is intended to imply a tonicization of the IV(4) chord, Dm.

This time we take a different approach and play the A altered scale (Bb melodic minor).

Any time there is a V(5) to I(1) progression, the altered scale off the V chord is always a good choice.


#2. This lick is done over the b6 to 5 progression and we'll be using the same approach as last time. 

Playing B altered over the F7 and then playing a nice A harmonic minor run over the E7alt.

If you notice, toward the end of this lick I almost play the same thing as last time.

This can tend to happen in an improvised situation, whether you notice or not.

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