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Soloing in the Style of Mike Stern: Breakdown Part 2

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Soloing in the Style of Mike Stern: Breakdown Part... Soloing in the Style of Mike Stern: Breakdown Part...

For part 2 of the break down we'll be covering two long licks that happen bars 16 - 30 (last 8 bars of the 1st time through the form, into the 1st 6 bars of the 2nd time through the form).


#1. The first lick is over the F7 to E7alt progression.  It starts off by playing C melodic minor over the F7 chord. 

In this case we are hinting at F7 acting as the V(5) of E7. This works out because F7 is the tritone sub of B7 (the 5 chord of E).

In that case we want to play the B altered scale which is the 7th mode of C melodic minor.

Now over the E7alt, which is the 5 chord of A, we can again play harmonic minor of the chord we're headed to, A harmonic minor.


#2. The 2nd lick is a long one but basically stays in A Dorian the entire time.

The only thing to watch out for are the chromatics that happen within the lick.

There are a lot of Mike Sternizms in this one. 

NOTE: I realized when watching back at lick 2, I played it slightly different in the breakdown.

The time, mind you, is 100% accurate. :)