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Tutorial - Strumming 101
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Strumming 101 - Chord Changes

Chris Feener 256 lessons

So let's have some fun by practicing our new rhythms with chord changes. I chose just two open-position chords to practice with, D and A. 

There's an added column with either D or A for each strum pattern. This is the chord we'll switch to before starting the pattern which proceeds it.

Play each excercise as many times as needed before moving onto the next. For demonstration purposes, we'll do each pattern two times.

If your chord sounds "broken" in any way, who cares! Keep pushing forward with the rhythm. The end we have to keep in mind here, is playing with friends, with other musicians, with a band. Unfortunately, the world can't always wait for you to change chords, so keep the rhythm going! It'll force your left hand to develop the muscle memory to switch faster with time.

That's it for this month, folks. I hope your rhythm benefits from this tutorial in one way or another!

Until next time.

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