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Tutorial: Odd Meters

Odd Meters - 5/4 Part 2 (Dindi Example).

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Odd Meters - 5/4 Part 1 (Take 5 example). Odd Meters - 7/8 Funk Fusion Overview

In this lesson I show how to play my arrangement of Dindi in 5/4. The idea of this arrangement is to take a classic latin tune and make it into a 5/4 groove without using the Take 5 rhythm. This is acheived by reversing the pattern of take 5 e.g  instead of breaking the 5/4 bar up into 3+2 my arrangement does the reverse 2+3. 

Here is a YouTube video of this arrangement being played by my group OTIS with Vocalists Gillian Moorman on the New Zealand TV program, The Good Morning Show.

More to come on this topic. At some point I'll cove how to solo over this odd meter and cover 7/8, 7/4 and 9/8 etc. Any questions do let me know?