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Intro to Syncopation: Using in Solos

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Intro to Syncopation: Chordal Example Intro to Syncopation: Using in Solos - Example

The technique used in the previous videos can also be applied to soloing ideas. In this section, we'll take a simple 8 note scale shape (E mixolydian) and we'll play its using a descending 4 note sequence that is common in many styles.

The same thing applies in this exercise. We'll start on the downbeat (the 1) the first time, then we'll start on the "E", then the "&" and finally the "a".

Again, you must use a metronome! Without a reference of the downbeat this exercise is useless.

This one is a little more difficult so you may want to slow your metronome down to 60bpm.

Make sure to apply this to other soloing ideas and if you really want to hear some syncopated playing, listen to Wayne Krantz.