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Creating Your Own Pulse - Groups of 2/4

Chris Feener 256 lessons

Improv Techniques - Creating Your Own Pulse - Groups of 2/4

So let's take number one and apply our rhythmic grouping. We'll find that this one basically consists of two groups of four - or in other words - simply two sequences of the same four notes. This is probably the most common division in basic rhythm as we're simply playing 8th beats, but dividing down the middle and creating our own division for scalar purposes.

Number two is very much the same sort of thing, except it incorporates two smaller groupings of two mixed with a full grouping of four. There's still simply eight beats in the bar, of course, except the note sequences warrant a much more choppy feel.

I definitely recommend going ahead and coming up with some of your own 2 and 4 patterns and be aware that you can extend well beyond one bar. Keep in mind that this is just another way to think with regards to how you phrase sequences when improvising - you can develop new and interesting ways of executing your ideas by coming at them with a different approach.

Groupings with two and four as the denominator will usually sound not quite as colourful as those with more creative groupings, so now I want to get to some odd groupings and here's where you can start getting creative with it.

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