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Intro to Syncopation: Chordal Example

Mike Salow 210 lessons

In this first exercise we'll be using an E7 shell voicing but really any chord will do. I've set my metronome to 80bpm and like I stated in the last video, I start on the down beat and move the 16th note over 1 beat every measure. This gives me accents on "off" beats. The following may help:

1(e&a) 2(e&a) 3(e&a) 4(e&a)

(1)E(&a) (2)E(&a) (3)E(&a) (4)E(&a)

(1e)&(a) (2e)&(a) (3e)&(a) (4e)&(a)


The beats being played are bold and underlined and the beats that are not played are in parenthesis.

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