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Intro to Syncopation: Chordal Example

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Intro to Syncopation: Explanation Intro to Syncopation: Using in Solos

In this first exercise we'll be using an E7 shell voicing but really any chord will do. I've set my metronome to 80bpm and like I stated in the last video, I start on the down beat and move the 16th note over 1 beat every measure. This gives me accents on "off" beats. The following may help:

1(e&a) 2(e&a) 3(e&a) 4(e&a)

(1)E(&a) (2)E(&a) (3)E(&a) (4)E(&a)

(1e)&(a) (2e)&(a) (3e)&(a) (4e)&(a)


The beats being played are bold and underlined and the beats that are not played are in parenthesis.