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Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Using EQ

Al Joseph 245 lessons

Essential Steps To A Better Mix

EQs are not problem solvers!

They are simply mixing boards of a wide spectrum of frequencies.

For instance, You have the kick drum, bass guitar, and lead guitar or vocal in center position. All of which share some of the same frequencies in the lower range.

Well of course your kick drum no matter how great it was recored, will get eaten up in the mix. Well this is how an EQ can help. In the video you saw me throw a

"High Pass" filter on the bass and kick. Now, the bass has a deeper field of low end than the kick does, or atleast boost some of the same frequecies at a higher decibel level.

However, I want the kick drum to appear the deepest. So, I cut some of the low end from the bass guitar to preserve the sound of the kick drum.

Think of your EQ as more of a paint thinner on a canvas, making way for other colors to "appear" more prevelent! Only when I feel I have an instrument that 

needs more, given I've used up my subtractive headroom, I "add" frequencies. Like in the video, I add some high-mids and highs to the snare for clarity!

But I can guarentee if I had more time, I may have gotten away without.

Hope this helped... ;)

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