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Tutorial: Reamping

Reamping - How to Reamp

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Reamping - What is Reamping? Reamping - What you need to Reamp

The process of reamping is actually very easy. For this demonstration, I’m going to be using my Fractal Audio Axe-fx II. 

1. The first step is to open your DAW, and make two audio tracks. Label one as “Amp tone” and the other one as “DI”.

2. Next, go into the preferences menu of you DAW and find the options for the inputs and outputs. Select Axe-fx II audio for both of these options.

3. Set the input of the “Amp tone” track as either input 1 or 2. Set the input for the “DI” track as input 3 or 4.

4. Arm both the “Amp tone” track and “DI” track to record at the same time.

5. Record your track.

If you follow those steps, you should be getting an affected and DI track being recorded simultaneously. The next steps will go over how you actually do the reamping portion.

1. Go into the I/O menu of the Axe-fx II, and set the main input as USB.

2. Add another audio track and name it “Reamp”.

3. Solo the DI track so that nothing else is being sent to the Axe-fx. 

4. Arm the “Reamp” track to record.

5. Press record in your DAW, and listen to your reamped tone!

Make sure to go back into the I/O menu of the Axe-fx and set the main output back to analog.