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Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Wrap Up

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Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Play Through

Essential Steps To A Better Mix


1. Record at apropriate levels. If these are set right then the next step should be a lot more of a pleasant process

2. Set your mixer levels low enough to account for greater flexibility later on during the balancing stage

3. Remember to use subtractive leveing 

4. When using plugins use a subtractive approach as well

5. Check for clipping (Sources include - Recording level too high which is irreversable or one or more of your plugins were not used subtractively but rather added sound somewhere)

6. Listen or monitor at a comfortable level. I prefer to be able to hear myslef and others talk when I mix and maybe even lower than that. You'd be amazed at what you can hear in your mix.

Good luck guys I hope this tutorial cleared up a lot of things for you!