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Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Gain Staging

Al Joseph 245 lessons

Essential Steps To A Better Mix

Improper gain staging can destroy your work flow and balance, leaving you with a skewed vision of your sound field.

Gain staging is accomplished on two spectrums:

1. Making sure your instrument is recorded at an aprporiate level or presence. Simply play till the light on your interface blinks red. This indicates your level is too high.

Simply back it of little by little till the red light goes away.

2. Protools has a metter on every track. Try and make sure no matter what paths your using that the metter reads yellow, or is at an apropriate level in any givien DAW. Ther should be a manual that comes with your DAW.

If all checks out, continue to achieve your ultimate balance. Once that is done we step into plugins...

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