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Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Using Compression

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Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Using EQ Essential Steps To A Better Mix - Play Through

Essential Steps To A Better Mix

Compression is not a problem solver or signal booster. A compressor is used to "compress" peaks in your signal automatically.

You can also control how fast this plugin turns your singal down and how fast it turns itself off. This adds a sort of snap or pop sound to 

a givien instrument. Namely, the snare and kick of a drum set. This is essential for most styles and finessing a compressor takes years of experience 

to master. But it's all fun once you start getting the hang of it! Now, once you have you sound set with the compressor, you should notice a drop in volume 

(compressor). YOu can use the "Make Up Gain" feature on the compressor to bring your signal back up! Very cool!