Using Cubase - General Overview

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Using Cubase - Latency

Welcome to our first lesson in Cubase. Cubase covers a huge area of recording and editing your audio and MIDI tracks, so I will break it into small lessons and explain it part by part not to make it a boring 12 hour lesson. Also, this way you can more easily find the topic you need and not scroll through a huge video, but instead click the topic you're looking for.

Also, if you don't have Cubase yet, you can check out a starter version here.

Lesson 1 is just a general overview of the software and some basic controls we'll be learning and using in the future.

If you want to be ready for the next lesson, go ahead and download Asio4All Software, which will help us cover the next lesson in avoiding latency. Latency is basically an unwanted delay in the recording.

Rock on and see you in the next lesson on Cubase.