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Heavy Metal Riffing - Full Video

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Heavy Metal Riffing - Backing Track

Hey guys!

Sometimes we get tired of practicing and just want to have fun on guitar. What is better than a couple of groovy riffs! In this short piece you'll get a chance to have fun with some heavy metal riffs and get to know some tricks which may seem too obvious, but still good to point out.

So the first good thing to use in riffs are different intervals - not only 5ths but also 3rds, 4ths, 6ths, etc. See the video and check the notes below - see how many cool stuff you can get with using different intervals in riffs. All you have to do is experiment and try out different combinations, progressions and not be afraid of getting some interval sounding weird!

As you can see we have a lot of right hand "work" to do so remember to stay relaxed - totally relaxed. Guitar playing should always be relaxed, especially when you have some strumming-like moves going on.

In the second part of the riff we have a cool progression which sounds both weird and powerful. The trick is in chords applied to the "flat 5" interval. Now, a perfect 5th would be C to G change. A "flat 5" is C to F#. Try it out on different chords and you'll notice it's a great thing to use when you want to bring a change into your riffs.

Once you're done learning the riff, move on to the next part and have fun with the backing track! :)