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Unlocking the Fretboard - Part 2,The key horizontal exercises

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In this exercise we will start to expand our thinking, and start to see the scales horizontally, and begin to truly break out of the box.

In the first one we do the same 4-note, 2-string idea as in the vertical exercises, but this time we move across all positions. You will also see that I have shown what this would look like on the next set of strings. You should of course play this exercise across ALL sets of strings, and in ALL keys!

You could of course also do this exercise using a set of three strings at a time. Be creative! As with above, remember to practice on all sets of string and in all keys. If you neglect to do this, it would be like an author neglecting to learn his proverbs, once you need them they must be there. Don’t cut corners here, it will pay off in the end!

Got that down? Let’s turn the page and go diagonal!