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'Aftermath' by Rick Graham - Full video

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Hey! Thanks for tuning in to this tutorial in which we are going to look at a piece that I have written for my new album called "Aftermath'.

Aftermath started off a study I wrote for one of my students. The music was inspired by a television series called 'tales of the unexpected' and in particular, an episode called 'the flypaper' written by an English writer called Elizabeth Taylor (not the actress). I first saw this episode back when it was first aired in 1982 (I was 8 at the time). It had a huge impact on me then and still does to this day. I wouldn't want to spoil this superb piece of writing for you so I would suggest that you read it or watch it and draw your own conclusion.

OK, check out the full track and pay close attention to how the rhythm develops throughout the piece. When you're done, head on over to the first lesson and we can start nailing those riffs!

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