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Tutorial - Economy Picking
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Economy Picking - Odd Groupings

Chris Feener 256 lessons

Mixed Descending Arpeggios (Odd Groupings)

On to number four. This one features, once again, four positions being played in a descending fashion. It begins by higlighting an Am7 arpeggio by playing a grouping of five notes, descending from the high E string to the G string. The position then moves to the B string where we begin the second arpeggio (being an E7). This time, however, we're playing a grouping of six. When playing to a click track/metronome, try keeping this entire pattern in straight 16ths. Meaning 16 beats to a bar, a pulse of four irregardless of actual pattern durations. The lick finishes with two other descending arpeggios, the first being a lower-octave Am7 (grouping of 5) and then on to the final arpeggio, being an Em7.

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