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Moving Between Strings - 2-strings Exercise 2

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Moving Between Strings - 2-strings Exercise 1 Moving Between Strings - 3-strings Exercise / A-Ma...

Moving between strings in Alternate Picking (further in text: AP) is a very important thing to practice. Most of the time we play 3 notes per string (3 nps) patterns and that is were changing strings becomes really important.

In AP we always have to alternate between up-stokes and down-strokes so when we are going from one string to another we will have to pick the next string with a different picking direction. For example, 3 nps: Down-Up-Down -> next string will start with an up-stroke. And that is the thing we have to practice so it becomes natural to us.

If we start with an upstroke, it is: Up-Down-Up -> next string starts with Down-stroke.

That is basically what we will work on in this exercise. The exercise is based on G-Major scale, and uses sextuplets. Below are the notes and tabs for this exercise. You can repeat this exercise as long as you want without any stops.