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Pedal Tone Legato: Rock Application - Performance

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Pedal Tone Legato - Exercise 4 Pedal Tone Legato: Rock Application - Backing

Even though Pedal Tone Legato has a classical feel by default, that doesn't mean it can only be applied to classical styles. So in this lesson, let's apply it to a rock song.

One thing to note, is that we're now going to be playing in even 8th notes and 16th notes. In all the previous lessons, we've been playing the exercises as triplets, but in this piece you'll have to adapt to playing the technique with a more even feel.

Have fun with it! And remember, the musical examples I create are simply there to give you an idea of how the techniques can be applied. In addition to learning the examples I give you, make sure you spend time creating your own Pedal Tone Legato ideas.