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Intervals - Conclusion

Mike Edwin 69 lessons

Over the past several lessons, we have taken a close look at a series of intervals available to us when harmonizing the Major scale. Every interval so far has been put in context to the Root of the scale.

There is still a lot to cover though. In the future I will be taking this process deeper and, by using a similar process, show you how to build all different kinds of minor chords. Along with the Diminished, Augmented, Dominant and the Half Diminished.

For now though, I have provided a chart for you to use as a reference when studying these harmonizations in new keys.

I highly recommend that you use this chart and apply what we know so far to new keys.

See if you can build an Fmaj6, a Gsus2 or sus4 or maybe an Amaj9. Experiment with voicings too. Once you have identified the scale degrees that build any given chord, move those notes around and find different combinations. This is the best way to improve your general chord vocabulary.


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