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Tutorial - Time Constraint
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Time Constraint - Exercise 1

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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To start the piece, we have an interesting rhythmic intro. The idea was to play something simple that sounded somewhat like a beeping alarm clock.

Throughout this piece, you'll notice many "X" symbols on the strings. That symbol represents a dead note, to where you're playing the string but it's muted so no particular pitch is sounding.

Let's take a look at the 1st measure. We only see one dead note played as an eighth note at the end of the measure. Then in the next 4 measures, we'll be repeating a pattern on the D string, going back and forth from dead notes to the 3rd fret note. Also, if you look at bar 5, you'll notice we have a 5/4 time signature. So we're basically adding an extra quarter note in that bar.

In bar 6, we'll be playing the main opening riff when the full band kicks in. Make sure you use some chunky distortion to play these thick power chords. As always though, don't let the distortion hide sloppiness. Make sure you're playing those chords cleanly.

When you're ready, let's continue with Exercise 2 on the next page.

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