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Melodic Metal Solo - Original Version: Part 3

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Melodic Metal Solo - Original Version: Part 2 Melodic Metal Solo - Original Version: Backing

Here, we have two fast sweeping/legato patterns. Learn each pattern individually before merging them together.

You'll notice that we're going to tap a note at the end of each sweeping pattern. That makes things a little more difficult with the actual sweeping on the strings. To do this properly, we basically have to be moving our picking hand to the fretboard while getting ready to tap, while simultaneously down-sweeping the current notes. Then after the tap, our picking hand will have to make its way back to its position, while simultaneously up-sweeping the notes. So it may take some time getting used to this motion. Practice it very slowly and concentrate on proper form and note execution.

On the next page, you'll find the backing track for the original solo.