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Fusion Song - Sleeper (Full Song)

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Fusion Song - Sleeper - Opening Melody Pt.1

Hi guys!

Today we're going to learn part of a song from my forthcoming debut album. The song is called Sleeper and we're going to start about 3 minutes into the track after the main improvised solo section.

The tune moves between four time signatures - 7/8, 5/8 and 4/4 with a couple of 2/4 bars thrown in for good measure! We'll only be playing in 7/8 for the first bar, then mostly in 5/8 until the end. There's an improvisation section in 5/8 for you guys to try your own ideas on and we'll be utilizing some hybrid picking and high speed legato techniques to execute some of the lines.

Take the transcription slowly, paying close attention to the phrasing and technical details. Improvising in 5/8 is probably something new so we'll look at that separately in another video.

I wrote this song in a tuning where I have the top two strings tuned to C and F so the TAB below is written out for this tuning. In other words the strings are tuned, from low to high, E A D G C F. For those who don't want to retune their guitar there's a separate TAB for standard tuning in the last lesson with some modified fingerings. Ask in the forum if you have any questions!

The following videos feature the various sections slowed down and explained.

Good luck and enjoy!!!