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Fusion Song - Sleeper - Improvisation Section

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

So now onto the improvisation section. On the video I improvise a pretty simple solo over this part of the tune. The main things to think about are the time signature and the harmony/chord changes. For the first 8 bars we're improvising in 5/8 and all the chords are in the key of D#major. You can, therefore, simply take the route of playing D#major over the progression and use your ears to come up with lines and melodies you like. You may find that some of your usual licks take on a new lease of life over the 5/8 time feel! If you get stuck, try writing out some rhythms in 5/8 and using those to solo over the progression with the notes of a D#major scale. It can take quite a while to get used to phrasing in odd time signatures when improvising.

If you want to take a more targeted or chord specific (modal) approach then you should use the following scales,

A#7sus4 - A# mixolydian

G#Maj7 - G# lydian

D#add9/G - G Phrygian

Fm7 - F Dorian

Some people prefer this approach because, although all these scales contain the same notes as D# Major, it can enable you to outline the sound of each chord more clearly and directly when improvising. Simply choose the approach that works for you.

For the 2nd 8 bars we introduce a key new chord in the form of G#m6. For this chord I use a G# melodic minor scale. Incase you're not sure about this scale it contains the notes,

G#, A#, B, C#, D#, F (E#), G (E##).

Refer to's lessons on major scale modes and melodic minor modes for more info!

Now onto the stabs section.

Tablature for Fusion Song - Sleeper - Improvisation Section

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