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Fusion Song - Sleeper - Stabs Section

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Originally, this section was composed with the idea of having a drummer soloing over the stabs. However, seeing as how I'm the worlds worst drummer and can't record a good one in my house we'll have to make do with what we've got for now! Sorry about that!

Anyway, these stabs shouldn't present too much of a problem. Just a quick note about the way I count them. The 4/4 pulse is pretty slow - 87bpm to be precise. So I actually count these bars in 16th notes meaning I count each 4/4 bar as follows,

1e&a..2e&a..3e&a..4e&a. Each sound represents one 16th note giving us 16 sounds or divisions per bar. Doing this should allow you to place these stabs much more cleanly. They should fall as follows,

Stab 1 - Beat 1 - 1st 16th

Stab 2 - Beat 2 - last 16th

Stab 3 - Beat 1 - 2nd 16th

Stab 4 - Beat 2 - last 16th

Stab 5 - Beat 3 - 2nd 16th

Again, refer to the TAB at the end of the lesson for the standard tuned version.

Tablature for Fusion Song - Sleeper - Stabs Section

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