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'Tapdance' arpeggio study - part 3

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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The arpeggios and scales in this section are as follows:

Bbdim - Dmin - Dmin pentatonic

Due to the nature of this study, it is essential that you are familiar with triad arpeggios and their inversions as we will be needing one inversion for the left hand and one for the right hand.

Regarding both the left and right hands, I find that I get the best results by keeping the contact with the strings light but firm. That may sound like a contradiction, but it is the balance between those two elements which will yield the best results. I always make a parallel with this technique to a good golf swing. The idea is to use the weight of the club to swing and not to use brute force, and a combination of that and finding the sweet spot on the ball will give the best results. It's exactly the same with the guitar. Don't use brute force as it will not work very well. Keep your movements nice and light and find that sweet spot on the fret where you will get the best results.

Be sure to separate all of the arpeggio patterns and practice them as slowly as possible. Muting is also a key element to this study as you will discover upon your first attempt at it. Pay close attention to extraneous noises and be sure to eliminate them by whatever means you can. Maintain complete control, be 100% accurate with your position shifts and once you feel you are ready, make gradual increases in tempo until you reach the desired speed.

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