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'Tapdance' Arpeggio study

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Hey there and welcome! In this tutorial we will be looking at a study I wrote that focuses on left hand hammers 'from nowhere' and right hand taps. The piece is called 'Tapdance'.

I am an avid tapdancer and I am currently practicing my shuffle, shuffle ball change, flap, flap heel, cramp roll, buffalo, Maxi Ford, single and double pullbacks, wings, cincinnati, the shim sham shimmy (also called the Lindy), Irish, Waltz Clog, shuffle hop step, running flaps, running shuffles, sugar, the paddle and roll, slap, stomp, brushes, scuffs, and single and double toe punches, hot steps, heel clicks, single, double and triple time steps, riffs, and chugs moves *takes deep breath*.

This particular technique was developed by the superb guitarist Greg Howe and has been a feature of his style since his self titled debut recording back in the late 1980's (NOT 90's as I said in the video).

OK, check out the video and then head on over to the first part to get bustin' those moves.

Best of luck!

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