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'Freefall' Arpeggio Study - Part 2

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Now we reach the first changes in harmony within this study which are as follows:

F#min7b5 - B7 - E7

For the first arpeggio I find it so much easier to think of it as exactly the same shape as the previous F#min7 chord but lower every 5th note by a semitone. I know that may sound obvious but sometimes it is the obvious things which are staring at us in the face which are overlooked.

The tapped note in the repeat arpeggio of each of these chords I chose to play with the 3rd finger of the right hand. That is just my personal preference so feel free to use whichever finger you wish for that.

Bars 31 and 32 could prove slightly challenging for the left hand but with slow and controlled practice shouldn't cause too many issues.

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