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'Freefall' Arpeggio Study - Part 3

Rick Graham 210 lessons

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Almost there guys!

It is at this juncture that Cpt. Kittinger approaches and lands safely on the ground in the desert of New Mexico. The harmonic pace quickens in these final bars where we have the following underlying chords:

Amadd9 - D - Emadd9

You will also have noticed that our repeating arpeggios and patterns have changed. These final three bars were the ones which took the most practice for me as I found elements quite demanding especially regarding the position shifts. Again though, nothing that slow and methodical repetition wouldn't sort out.

OK, now that we have covered everything and you're ready to make the leap of faith into the actual performance (I'll stop with the puns now), I'd just like to ask you to keep the images of the meaning behind this study in the forefront of your mind as you play it. Doing this will take your performance to a new stratosphere.

Hope you enjoyed it and see you next time!

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