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Tutorial - 6/8 Rock
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6/8 Rock - Exercise 4

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

6/8 Rock

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We're now going to be doing some full out sweep picking.

In bar 25, we'll be sweeping over an A Major triad. Then in bar 26, we'll be sweeping over a D Major triad. Bar 27 will go back to the A Major triad. Then lastly, in bar 28 we'll be sweeping over the D Major triad then a E Major triad.

Watch out for the D Major triad. In the video, you'll notice I'm using my middle finger to bar the 12th fret notes on the A and D strings. You may have to slightly roll your middle finger in the direction of your picking motion to avoid unwanted string noise.

Don't forget to practice slowly. Sweep picking is meaningless if you can't do it accurately, so practice slowly until you have it down solid.

See you in Exercise 5!

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