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Tutorial - 6/8 Rock
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6/8 Rock - Exercise 2

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

6/8 Rock

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In this section, we'll be playing a "call and answer" sequence. A "call and answer" sequence is when you have a brief musical theme that somewhat "leaves you hanging", then it's immediately followed by another brief theme that offers resolve. In this case, bars 9 and 10 are "calling out" a soft, sensitive riff. Then in bars 11 and 12, a louder and stronger riff concludes the "call and answer". This type of sequence is a great way to get the listener's attention, especially if used with varying degrees of dynamics.

Another thing to note is that you'll be using your picking-hand fingers to pluck the strings during the softer parts. In the tablature, you'll see an "A" marking, which represents the use of your ring finger. And the "M" marking represents the use of your middle finger.

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