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Tutorial - Spiral
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Spiral - Exercise 5

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In this last exercise, we're going to be adding in a hint of tapping into our rhythm playing.

First off, make sure you use alternate picking exclusively in this riff. The only time you won't be using it is when you'll be tapping.

In bars 28 and 29, you'll see a few "T" markings, indicating tapped notes. I recommend using your middle finger to tap the notes, as you'll most likely be using your index finger and thumb to hold the pick.

Let's look at bar 28 where we first begin tapping. Your middle finger will be tapping the 12th fret of the D string, then sliding up to the 13th fret, then sliding back down to the 12th fret. So your tapping finger will play a total of 3 notes. Once you get up to full tempo, those 3 notes will require very fast motioning with your tapping finger/arm. So start very slowly with this riff, then gradually build up to speed.

On the next page you'll find the full tempo backing track. On the page after that, you'll find the slow tempo backing track. Practice all these exercises individually, then when you're ready, rock out to the backing tracks and have fun!

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