Economy Picking - Dominant 7 Arpeggios

Tutorial: Economy Picking
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Economy Picking - Diminished Arpeggios Economy Picking - Odd Groupings

G7/C7/F7 Asceding Arpeggios (Groupings of 7)

Our third example in includes three ascending patterns, each highlighting dominant 7 chords, the first being a G7, the second, C7, and finally F7. This is a great lick and can be executed in various styles of playing (bluegrass, jazz, etc.).

Again, keep on top of things and realize where you are! The first note of each and every position should be fealt, the same way you feel the first beat in a regular 8th or 16th beat lick.

The basic economy-picking structure of this one: The first three downs are down-picked; when we land on that third string, we simply up/down-pick the sequence of 3 notes on that string before descending back down to set up the next position with one note.