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Tutorial - Playing Legato
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Playing Legato - Exercise 2

Pavel Denisjuk 37 lessons

Ok, it's now time to move from single string exercises and have a bigger bite. :)

2 strings exercises are more difficult as you now have to watch carefully what you mute and what you pick so here it is step by step:

1. as we need some "starting power" we pick the first note.

2. now we play the next 2 notes legato (with pull-offs)

3. here we have to move to B string so we hammer on the next note on B string with our pinky - as you can notice we have to hit it pretty firmly to get it as loud as possible

4. we finish all the notes on B string and go back to E string again and start it with a pick (marked in the tab as upstroke)

5. play all the notes on E using legato and continue it with legato on the B string. This is where the exercise is finished

Now just repeat it in an endless loop! It's not too simple so I would suggesting practicing it for some time before moving to another lesson.

If you feel comfortable with it, see you in the next lesson!

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