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Tutorial - Spatial Gravity
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Spatial Gravity - Exercise 2

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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This is the section where the drums come into the song and we play a bit of a teaser before building up into Exercise 3.

In bar 5, we'll start out by playing a G power chord on the 3rd fret of the Low E-string. Make sure to let the chord ring out so it sustains for the full measure.

Right when bar 6 begins, we'll be strumming the G chord two more times to accent with the drums. At the end of the measure, we'll be playing a short 16th note legato phrase on the A-string. Play the 1st fret using your index finger, then pull off to the open note, then hammer back on the 1st fret, then hammer on the 3rd fret using your ring finger.

When we get to bar 7, watch out for that 8th note rest at the beginning. After the rest, we'll again accent the G power chord along with the drums. We'll then slide up to the 8th fret (F) before playing the 7th fret (E). In the tablature, make sure you observe how that E note extends over to bar 8.

We'll close out bar 8 by playing a palm-muted phrase on the Low E and A strings. We're mainly going to be playing 16th notes here, but be mindful of the two quick 32nd notes on the 7th fret of the Low E string.

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