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Tutorial - Spatial Gravity
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Spatial Gravity - Exercise 5 (Solo: Part 2)

Sean Conklin 456 lessons

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This section is definitely the most difficult part of the song. So warm up, stretch your arms and fingers, and get ready to rock!

First, let's observe the type of rhythmic notes we'll be playing: thirty-second notes. 32nd notes equate to having a span of 8 notes for every beat, so these notes are usually very fast.

We're going to be using 100% legato in this exercise, and you'll be multi-finger tapping throughout its entirety. We're basically going to need to use two fingers on our picking hand in order to tap. So, since our index finger will be occupied since it's holding the pick, we'll be using our middle and ring fingers to carry out the tapped notes.

For any tapped note that you see in the tablature, you'll see a "T" marking above it. I also indicated the proper fingering below each tapped note. So whenever you see a "2", that means the note is to be tapped with your middle finger. Whenever you see a "3", that note is to be tapped with your ring finger. Using proper fingering is very important in this section. Many times you'll find that you need to tap with your ring finger on one string in order for your middle finger to immediately tap a note on an adjacent string.

Be sure to practice this section very slowly. There are a lot of notes, fingerings, and position shifts here, so be sure to go note-by-note as you learn this. Don't try to grasp it all at once. Just concentrate on learning one note at a time.

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