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Creating Backing Tracks - Part 4

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

The final part I want to add is actually a lead guitar part. In other words I'm going to try jamming over the backing track I've created.

For this guitar part I'm running my Suhr into the new Shiba Drive and a Redux delay pedal again straight into Logic with an Impulse Response. It's just the easiest way to record and sounds great.

I'm using dorian scales over all the chords which gives me the following:

E Dorian, C# Dorian, D Dorian and B Dorian.

This whole process was really quick. Now it's your turn! Try coming up with an 8 bar drum loop and quickly putting down a bass part. No need to program drums or fills - it's all already there in the plugin. 10 minutes to create an inspirational backing track!

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