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Creating Backing Tracks - Part 2

Tom Quayle 164 lessons

Okay! So now we've got the drum track set up in a simple form (no need for fills here as we want just an 8 bar loop). I now need to come up with a chord sequence to play over.

As we've been studying playing over changes, let's do something akin to the previous backing tracks from those tutorials.

I'll use 4 minor 9 chords as a base. In this case I'll record the following:-

Em9 / / / | C#m9 / / / | Dm9 / / / | Bm9 / / / |

Firstly I'll usually play along to the drums to find a groove that works and then hit record as soon as possible.

Once recorded I'm ready to set down the bass part using Trilian.

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