Using Cubase - Working with MIDI

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Using Cubase - MIDI Overview

Ok, now when you know some basic stuff about MIDI tracks, let's actually work with them!

So to get started you need to create an Empty Project (like in our very first lesson of this tutorial). After that simply follow the lesson and you should have no problems getting to know some basic stuff concerning MIDI track editing.

Let's review what have we done in this lesson:

1. Create a project

2. Create a MIDI track

4. Create an editable part of the MIDI track using DRAW tool.

5. Go to Devices->VST Instruments (or simply click F11).

6. In one of the empty slots, left-click and go to Synths->a1

7. Select a LEAD sound you like.

8. Close all the windows and get back to the main project window, than select a MIDI track, go to OUT and set it to a1

9. Enter the MIDI track EDIT view (double-click the editable track) and draw/write some notes

This is how we edit and work with our MIDI tracks.

Have fun with guitar and some synth arrangements! :)