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String Change - Locking Tuners Part 1

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String Change - Vintage Tuners String Change - Locking Tuners Part 2

String Change for locking tuners

In this first part, you will be presented with the workings on the locking tuner, and how to un-fasten strings from them.

There are mainly two ways of doing this:

1. Start to unwind the string from the tuner, as the tuner and string comes in line with the fret board, just keep on turning the tuning peg. After passing slightly passed the point of being in line, the tuning post will come to a halt, as the small locking stud inside the post will unfasten. Then just keep turning the peg until the string is loose. Pull it out, and you're done.

2. The other way of doing this is to first loosen the string until the string is in line with the fret board, and then use a screwdriver to loosen the locking stud. On a Sperzel-type tuner, you will loosen the bolt on the backside.