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Richie Kotzen Style Legato: Intro

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Richie Kotzen Style Legato: Pattern 1

Hello hello! I hope everyone is well!

This time around I thought I'd talk a little about legato playing, specifically some Richie Kotzen patterns I learned a long time ago that I still use in my playing today.

Each pattern is meant to be more of an additive to your already existing legato licks. If you are just starting to use legato style playing then this is a perfect place to start as well.

I'll be showing you two very similar patterns. One is a group of six notes that can be played with either a duple or triple feel (triplets or 16th notes). The other is a 5 note pattern of 16th notes.

In the following videos I will break down the patterns as well as the scale shape that we will be using. Also note that there may be some things in the tab that I didn't discuss in the videos.