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In the Style of AC/DC: Thunder from Down Under - Backing

Richard Lundmark 307 lessons

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Finally, here's the backing track!

Now, as I mentioned in the rhythm guitar break down, I've mixed this tune in true old-school AC/DC style,  with the rhythm guitars almost hard panned left and right, and the lead in the middle. So, if you have a stereo setup, with a mix pan option, then turn the dial fully left to play along with the Malcolm side of things, and fully right for Angus. This backing contains all rhythm guitars, minus the melody and solo lead. So, thus if you want to practise only one rhythm guitar by itself, then turn the dial right for Angus and then you act as Malcolm, and vice versa. 

The lead begins after a two bar count in, after which you hit that minor third interval on the G- and B-string and do a really hard core vibrato with the thumb even off the back of the neck for maximum old-school'ness! Then as Malcolm's first A hits your left ear, you take of into Thunderland!

Merry Christmas guys!!

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